MFL software Features


Our delivery management software system streamlines our entire delivery process, from dispatching and tracking to optimising routes and receiving customer feedback.

Our software provides clients with a platform to easily track their deliveries and receive notifications throughout the delivery process.  It also has the facility to provide us with information for route optimisation and receive valuable customer feedback.  For you that means:

  • Greater control of your order

  • Faster delivery

  • Enhanced customer service to your own customers

  • Transparency around the product’s journey to its destination

  • Confidence that by seeking feedback from you, we are continuously improving our service.

From the input of a new order through to tracking, confirming delivery and receiving client feedback, the system is easily operated by our in-house staff, drivers and clients.


With our delivery software we can:

  • Delegate jobs to drivers

  • Alert you when job has been accepted and is LIVE

  • Monitor the progress and stage of the collection and delivery, and – via a link we will send you – can provide you with the ability to track your order

  • Notify you when your goods reach their destination

  • Receive feedback from you and your customers to further ensure our service meets expectations, and to discover what we are doing well and what might need improving

  • Request your customers to provide signed notification that the correct order has arrived

  • Optimise delivery routes to ensure we are travelling the fastest route and avoiding the busiest traffic

  • Monitor the time taken to get to delivery destinations and investigate whether there is room for us to improve our service to you.

  • Carried out electronically allowing you to see in real time each stage of the delivery.