why us?

We align distributors, products and customers to achieve satisfaction at every stage of the delivery process. We work to stringent systems and processes that are designed to ensure accuracy from collection through to delivery. You can be confident that:


  • We deliver from door to door, point to point.
  • We care about your product
  • We help load and unload your products at both ends.
  • Damage and/or loss of product will be reduced because products are not held in depots before arriving at their destination. 
  • Your products are never in transit with non-flooring products which could damage them en route.
  • We deliver to small towns and to the door of your customer
  • Faster, reliable and efficient service. 
  • Freight charges are competitive, saving you and your customers unnecessary costs.
  • Your stock movement systems will be easier to manage.
  • Our simple service model reduces frustration and time in dealing with unnecessary inefficiencies.
  • You’ll develop a positive working relationship with our drivers who, in turn, will take ‘ownership’ to deliver your products.
  • Our delivery software allows for easy tracking and updates of deliveries.
  • We simplify the process for our clients.
  • We prioritize our customer care for both potential and current clients.


Our competitive rates, real time tracking for deliveries and premium care of your merchandise will provide you with cost savings,  transparency and reduced damage and loss of product.